Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hope is something all human beings have, they may not realize but they do. Hope is a feeling of expectation or something you desire to happen. Hope can also be a promise, something you expect with confidence or anticipation, but sometimes hope does not  . Hope comes from your faith and it can also come from your heart but most of all hope comes from God. Don't give me wrong Hope can also be restored, for example marriage, if you still  think you have hope in you're marriage and keep on constantly arguing one person will obviously give up in that relationship and that's where one person looses hope maybe not the other and that person fights to restore that hope. Another example of Hope that can be restored is when your about to give up and deep down you have hope you can still accomplish what you want you restore you're  hope. A person that add's hope to my life is My family, the reason why I say this is because everything I do is for them. My Family is the number one priority to me and the reason why they add hope to me is because they see the bright side of me, they always tell me I'm going to be successful in life and that really means a lot. Those are the type of words that com from my Mother and my Father and that motivates me and makes me keep on going everyday. So i try to do my best to show, prove, my parents and not let them down. That is what gives and brings me Hope.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social justice

I think it's important to value social justice and the reason why i think this way it is because i believe that we should all feel comfortable in our own environment. Feeling accepted is what everyone wants to feel the majority of us want to be accepted in the environment we want to belong to.  I also value social justice because i believe in giving everyone a chance. Social Justice is a way of overcoming and achieving a personal growth. Some prevalent issues today about social justice is that it can be delineated into two categories, one of them can be  unfair treatment and unequal wealth. I have a special concern in many people that do not agree with social justice. The reason why i think this way its because i would want to make everyone feel comfortable more like "welcomed" , i want to make everyone feel accepted and make them feel that what they have to say matters.  Another reason why i think this way is, thinking how others would feel.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Harvard physiologist Dan Gilbert says that happiness can be synthesized, we synthesis happiness but we think  happiness is a thing to be found. Synthetic happiness is when we make something when we don't get what we want but we choose to be happy with what we got. Gilbert says that "our beliefs about what will makes us happy are often wrong." This means taking risk for example knowing what you really want brings happiness. Synthetic happiness is not the same as Natural happiness. Freedom is the enemy of synthetic happiness but the friend of natural happiness. "Freedom to choose, is the friend of natural happiness, but is the enemy of synthetic happiness. When we have no choice and are totally stuck, our psychological immune systems kicks in to synthesize happiness."(Gilbert Dan). When our ambition is bounded it leads it being joyfully, but when our ambition is unbounded it leads us to lie to cheat to,and it also leads us to be reckless.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


The things that make me happy in life are the people I love,which is my family. The reason why they make me feel happy is because I have the privilege to wake up in the mornings and seeing them with a smile on their faces everyday. The other things that make me happy is playing soccer everyday. This sport brings joy to me because it helps me to stay away from my regular routine, from all my problems, and all my stress and that's what makes me happy. Getting out of my comfort zone makes me happy, this makes me happy by discovering different things and gives me motivation to keep on living.Happiness to me is having joy within yourself, happiness is being grateful with whatever you're have or whether you have a lot of things or not many things. Happiness is very important to me because if your grumpy or sad all the time i find no point to to be living  if you don't have any joy or cheerful moments in your life i find no point,  being happy helps you keep a positive mind and being more friendly in my point of view.  The secret to being happy is always depending  on you and on your own mind to keep positive.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone means many things, it means having courage and taking risks. Getting out of your comfort zone is doing things you don't like to do, doing things that you never done, or doing things you don't want to do because your  lazy. Many people decide to stay in their circle their in.You cant live all your life and  not doing different things. Getting out of your comfort zone or your own circle  is a very good thing and  the reason why this is a good thing its  because this helps you to become more social, become a better person also to do things you don't normally do. After you do things you have never done, you'll be more productive. You'll have an easier time with new things you discovered and unexpected changes. This things will make your future very easy.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Learning by imitation 4

People learn by imitating and modeling themselves after desired traits that they see in others.  Many people start doing things when they see someone else do it , for example little kids learn to start talking or walking by seeing others or their parents do it. People always want to do what the older people do in their lives , the reason why this happens is because  they see them as role models or a personal to look up to, and  many teens see this in this way so they imitate others in order to act cool or to feel they are par of the group they are involved.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Life as a reader

One of the favorite books i have read so far this year is called "We Beat the Street" the reason why i have chosen this book is because this book has impacted my life by the fact that many people could achieve their goals through out their life by never giving up and always having self motivation. This book is about three doctors that lived a very hard and miserable life through out their childhood, the reason they lived this type of way in their childhood  is because they were very poor, and  they lived in the ghetto were they were surrounded by drug dealers, and criminals, but they managed to stay away from the things that will make them get in trouble with the law, and promised  their parents they will  stay in school by working hard in their studies and going to college. They did accomplish what they promised their family members and became doctors. Of course they did have problems in life but they always kept pushing forward to accomplish their goal, and this is the reason why I liked this book because of it message that everything is possible in life.